Skillings Mining Review, December 2020 Search and USA Rare Earth are working on minerals development   COVID-19 hits drilling contractor’s bottom line   Can copper assist in the battle against COVID-19?   Nevada Copper says more funding needed for ramp-up   New Jumbo and bolter use a similar system   Rockwell Automation releases DCS for plant operations   COVID crimps Caterpillar sales   Dalian iron ore futures set for 6th monthly gain amid strong steel demand   Emesent achieves ‘industry first’ flight with DJI drone   Kaz Minerals suspends operations at KyrgyzReports: Indonesia increases its mining valueMiners speed up automation as covid-19 impacts lingerMining cutback would hit Vancouver hardestS. Africa’s mining industry calls chrome export tax ‘blunt instrument’South Africa’s mining industry weathered COVID-19The evolution of remote mine professionsU.S. Miners Are Trying to Get Out of the Thermal Coal BusinessDon’t worry, the world is a long, long way from running out of goldUS bank to provide £19.3m in funding for UK’s TechMetUS Steel industry suffers loss of nearly $600 millionCOVID-19 triggers mining industry’s use of eLearningFreeport does a balancing act as world’s biggest gold mine grapples with covid-19 Iron ore miners make hay while the sun shines Iron ore rises on China demand hopes, but set for monthly losses Komatsu Ltd sees AHS as a major focus to increase mining customer productivity in the COVID-19 era U.S. Steel eyes Keetac re-start

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